Reignite the brand

Reignite the power of the Emirati treasure

Date Crown is a jewel of the United Arab Emirates, known for its high-quality products, but over time, the brand has lost its spark and was in need of a fresh and innovative approach.

With a lot of passion, we uncovered the rich history of dates and how they embody the Emirati spirit and embrace the country’s rich heritage.

We then crafted a unique story to reignite the power of this treasure, by honouring the past and inspiring the future. We created a brand-new packaging design that showcased the beauty and elegance of the dates, a digital platform, and in-store activations to celebrate the role of dates in Emirati culture.

360° Approach

. Brand Strategy
. Packaging Design
. Creation of a digital platform
. Establishment of a culinary platform
. Point of Sale Activations