A tremendous success story since 2014

Once upon a time, there was a brand named Kiri that aspired to win the heart of Moroccan customers and to be loved by all.
As a true partner agency, we set out on a quest to listen to customers’ needs and desires and understand what they truly wanted.
We used our creativity and passion to craft a unique and memorable brand experience. From innovative product designs to eye-catching brand activations, we have left no stone unturned to deliver an evocative promise across all touch points and allow Kiri to stand out.

By embarking on this fruitful journey, Kiri became a tremendous success story in the Moroccan market and quickly gained recognition as a worldwide reference. The brand continued throughout the years to put its customers first, and became a shining example of the power of a generous brand that aspires to be loved.

360° Approach

. Product Innovation and uses development
. Packaging Design
. Customer empowerment
. Establishment of a culinary platform
. Creation of a digital platform strategy
. Influencer Strategy
. Point of Sale Activations